Dear Revival Fires International Missions Partner,

Let me say a big thank you for praying for my mission’s trip to Lagos, Nigeria, Africa where I was honored and privileged to participate in a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade, November 15-19.  I looked out over crowds of people, the magnitude of which is something that few on this earth have ever seen. 

The power of God was surely there and a great mass of people received Jesus as their Savior. THE GLORY OF GOD CAME DOWN. What a move of salvation!  Fire of the Holy Spirit fell in a mighty way.  The altar-calls were gigantic and signs and wonders followed the prayer for the sick.  Many miracles of healing took place.

An 11 year old boy who hadn’t walked for 3 solid years walked very well. The mother was thrilled and excited – and so were we. Cancer and hernias disappeared which overjoyed the crowds.

A 32 year old man in a wheelchair conveyed, “I’ve been in this wheel chair all my life”, he said, as he walked across the stage and showed us a picture with his school-class. It showed him in the very same wheelchair. There were so many other miracles that took place. Jesus gave healing to the people like a father would give bread to his children. That is our God and what a mighty God we serve.

With my own eyes I witnessed a grape fruit size cancer tumor fall off of a woman as she was instantaneously healed by the power of God.

The Crusade was surely a glorious time of liberation from the chains of Satan. Thousands of people brought voo doo, witchcraft, sorcery and satanic paraphernalia to be burned.   

What a concentration of divine love, power and compassion! It seems to me that no one was left out of the altar-calls. Everybody pressed through the Narrow Door into the Kingdom of God.

The Fire Conference in the National Stadium was a divine visitation.  Yes, God’s fire fell. My own heart was deeply touched as God poured fresh fire into me.

Thank you so much for your intercessory prayers. They were highly effective.  Your reward in heaven will be great.  The best is yet to come!

Evangelist Tim Todd
Revival Fires International
Proverbs 11:30

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"Campaign Lagos, Nigeria 2006"
Achieved:  $3500.00
Goal:  $10,000.00 to provide 50,000 New Believer’s Follow-up Booklets
Click here to help provide the New Believer’s Follow-up Booklets

·  Estimated 132 million inhabitants,
·  Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa
·  Nigeria is famous for its wealth in mineral resources.


Help reach the people of Lagos!
You can help reap the great harvest of souls in three ways:
1) Pray for the people of Lagos Evangelist Tim Todd and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.
2) Make a donation. (donate now)
We have set an online donation goal of $10,000.
3) Forward this on to others you know who have a heart for Africa and for souls.


About Nigeria

·  Estimated 132 million inhabitants,
·  Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa
·  Nigeria is famous for its wealth in mineral resources.

About Lagos

In the six years since the Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in November 2000, Lagos has experienced an enormous influx of people. A United Nations study, predicts that the population of the city’s metropolitan area, only about 290,000 in 1950, will exceed 20 million by 2010. The Media Committee Chairman for Lagos 2006 and owner of a daily newspaper, Pastor Babatope has stated that the population of Lagos grows by 150 people per hour. That’s more than 3,000 people each day. 

At a glance...

Crusade Grounds:

450,000+- square meters
Diagonal distance from stage to back of grounds : 500 meters+-.
(Demolished walls will have to be re built at the conclusion of the event).
Length of concrete walls to be demolished to clear the ground : 1,500 meters+-
Anticipated density of people standing at the front of the platform : 7 per square meter

Committees : 56
Committee members : 672+-
Counselors to be trained : 200,000+-
Follow-up zones : 57
Participating churches : 5,000+-
Security : 20,000+-
Posters : 300,000
Handbills : 4,000,000
Cloth Street Banners : 1,000
Full Color Billboards : 200
Publicity Loudspeaker Cars : 100
Follow-up literature
Available follow up booklets : (7,000,000 needed)
Containers of follow up literature : 18 x 20’ shipping containers (9 truck and trailer loads)Cartons :  17,500    Printed in : China     Languages : English, Yoruba & Igbo

Crusade Sound System
Loudspeakers : 74
Output :  167,900 kw (max)
Hoists : 12
Sound Towers : 2
Height : 13m each
Weight of speakers hanging on each tower : 3.5 tones